Hindle Reman manufactures a wide range of components for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). The high-quality products we manufacture include crankshafts (up to 2m long), connecting rods (up to 1.75m between centres), gearbox cases, crankcases and pump housings. We specialise in small batch manufacturing, including one-offs to meet specific customer requirements.

Crankshaft Manufacture

We manufacture crankshafts up to 2000mm long in all materials, including cast iron and steel. We have the skills and capabilities to manufacture crankshafts from casting, forgings and solid billets. These can either be free issued or supplied by Hindle Reman, depending on your requirements. We carry out all heat treatment, including nitriding, nitro-carborising and flame hardening, as well as non-destructive testing (NDT) to give you complete quality assurance. Our crankshafts are supplied to manufacturers of pumps, compressors and engines.

Connecting Rods (Conrods) Manufacture

We manufacture conrods ranging in size from 80mm up to 1750mm centres, in various materials. We carry out all operations including serrated faces, fitting studs and small end bushes. The markets for our precision-made conrods include industrial (pumps, compressors, etc) and marine.