Having components remanufactured saves considerable cost over buying replacement parts. By remanufacturing used components to OEM specifications, Hindle Reman gives you the assurance of high-quality, precision parts that will save you money while maintaining the efficiency and performance of your engine.

Our skilled engineers remanufacture a whole host of wear parts for engines and other industrial products. We offer everything from marine crankshaft grinding to conrod machining, working on components as diverse as Jenbacher crankcases to Ingersoll Rand compressor barrels.

The remanufacturing services we provide include:

Crankshaft Grinding

  • Up to 5000mm in length.
  • Up to 550mm total stroke.
  • Up to 4 tonnes.

Cylinder Block Boring

  • Up to 508mm bore diameter.
  • Up to 533mm bore length.
  • Honing up to 610mm diameter.
  • Refacing up to 3200mm length.

Line Boring

  • Up to 3500mm length.
  • Up to 200mm diameter.

Cylinder Head Machining

  • Single cylinder aluminium up to 6 cylinder Caterpillar cast iron.
  • Diamond honing on guides.
  • Seat cutting.
  • Head scrolling.
  • Metal stitching.

Camshaft Polishing

  • 400mm diameter by 5000mm long.

Conrod Machining

  • Up to 203mm diameter.
  • Up to 1750mm between centres.


  • 1250mm2 bed.
  • Weight capacity 2 tonnes.
  • Typical examples: compressor barrels, wet liner cuff replacement, surface milling of cylinder blocks up to 3,200mm long.

Bearing Re-Metalling

  • Metal spinning.
  • Half and full bearings.
  • Conrods.
  • Up to 610mm diameter.

Compressor Barrels

  • Broome-Wade.
  • Bellis & Morcom.
  • Ingersoll Rand.
  • Reavell.
  • Up to 520mm diameter.

Welding and Metal Spraying

  • Up to 660mm diameter.
  • Up to 2540mm long.


  • Up to 3550mm long.
  • Up to 1380mm swing.


  • 5 metres long by 610mm diameter.
  • Typical examples: printing rollers, hydraulic piston rods.


  • 60 tonne press, up to 254mm diameter by 4250mm long.