Hindle Reman is a leading manufacturer of small batches of industrial crankshafts, up to two metres long, for pump, compressor and engine manufacturers. We can manufacture crankshafts in all materials, including cast iron and steel.

Crankshaft Manufacture to Your Specifications

Your crankshafts can be manufactured from casting, forgings and solid billets, which can either be free issued or supplied by us, according to your requirements. Our specialists carry out all heat treatment, including nitriding, nitro-carborising and flame hardening, as well as non-destructive testing (NDT), to give you complete quality assurance.


All Crankshaft Types – from Compressor to Pump Crankshafts

We welcome single or small-batch orders for pump crankshafts, compressor or engine crankshafts. Material certification is available, where required.