Engine Kits for Cummins ISX engines

·         Induction hardened cylinder liners for reducing bore wear.

·         Forged alloy steel pistons for superior strength.

·         Graphite skirt coating on the piston for improved seizure resistance.

·         CNC turned piston to precise tolerances.

·         Piston pins are hardened and tempered for improved strength and wear resistance.

·         Piston rings made from alloy cast iron or steel where required.

·         Piston rings are coated on ring faces with wear resistant materials for extended wear characteristics.

·         Oil control rings designed with precise tangential tension for proper oil control.

·         Tri-metal construction rod and main bearings for durability.

·         Multiple steel layer graphite composite head gasket with high temperature seals.

·         Head gasket feature a “floating” fire rings to provide complete bore seal.

·         OEM gasket materials used throughout for leak free durability



·         Standard engine kit components include:

·         Cylinder Kits

·         Connecting Rod Bearings Main Bearing Set

·         Upper Gasket Set

·         Lower Gasket Set