Cylinder Boring & Sleeving

Cylinder blocks bored, re-sleeved, honed, line boring of main bearing and camshaft housings. Spun bearing housings and cracks repaired using metal spraying, metal stitching and bushing methods.

Wet liners or dry liners, cylinder blocks can be bored over-size or machined for sleeves to fit standard or over sized pistons depending on your requirements. 

Cylinder blocks using wet liners can be machined for top inserts, either liner recessed or spacer plate blocks, to recover the liner seating area. Lower cylinder liner seal bores can also be re-sleeved to reclaim liner seal wear. 

Straight or V engine blocks can be re-faced by either surface grinding or milling. 

Cylinder Block Boring Capacities

Up to 508mm bore diameter
Up to 533mm bore length
Honing up to 610mm diameter
Refacing up to 3,200mm length