Reman Component FAQ's

Here are the answers to the questions most asked when dealing with Hindle Reman Components.

Can you metal spray a crankshaft big end journal?

Yes you can, but only on slower or none combustion engines. The reason for this is that metal spray can only withstand certain loads.


What can I do when the main bearing has spun in the housing?

We can offer either line bore oversize, depending on availability of bearings, or to reclaim the housing using a metal spray technique to bring the housing back to standard.


Reman Engines and Transmission FAQ's

Here are the ansers to the questions we get asked the most about our Engine & Transmission services

Can I use engine oil in my transmission?

Yes you can, but only advisable where the manufacturer states. For example you cannot use it in automatic transmission, but you can in powershift transmissions.


Why does my automatic transmission work again when I change or clean the filter?

The filter is part of the oil system which in automatic transmissions is very important as the system is almost hydraulic and any blockages or debris cause internal leaks or reduced pressures causing the transmission not to drive.


Q. What does white smoke coming from the exhaust on my diesel engine mean?

White smoke = Engine is probably using water or is incorrectly timed.


Q. What does black smoke coming from the exhaust on my diesel engine mean?

Black smoke = Engine is probably over fuelling or is incorrectly timed.